Working overview

In this system the flap barrier is placed in front of the gate so that entry/exit can be allowed for an unauthenticated person. Every authenticated person have a valid RFID card and RFID card reader is attached with flap barrier. The barrier opens the gate if it finds any valid card. It only allows single person each time. Flap barrier software system keeps record for entry/exit of each person.

This system is costly compared to RFID card reader and finfer print/face detector system. Details of cost of the overall installation is given in the next content detail.


  • It is fully automated and digitized.
  • Need only one time installation.
  • Secure and accurate process. Zero possibility of duplicacy.
  • Excel of data in different way is easily possible and time consuming.


face detection attendance management system in.

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We have installed finger print & face detection attendance management system in.

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