RFID Based

Asset tracking system

Assets are most important components for institute, university, school & colleges. Each department consists of a large number of assets and their information needs to be maintained in proper order so that any information can be easily availed at any moment. If the process is manual then it requires manpower for recording process.

RFID tracking is the best solution to track them.

RFID gives a flexible way to keep their records and track them with 100% efficiency. It requires very less time to results.

Overview of RFID based

Asset Tracking System

In RFID based system primary requirement is a dedicated server, proper LAN connection ,RFID scanner, RFID tag,In this system each asset will have RFID tagged and database will store the asset data with RFID code. This proess will be intiated at store process. An asset can be track from any where by scanning the code easily and it will show the concern asset details effectively.