RFID Based

File tracking system

RFID File Tracking Systems are designed to reduce man power and processing time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace. Many businesses/organisation currently use hand on mnaual process to manage files, such as alphabetical filing, color-coded filing, or barcodes. RFID file management systems have become increasingly important because they give employees enhanced visibility, while freeing up time previously spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents. Also employee requires lots of time to serach and find required file from bunch.

RFID tracking is the best solution to track desired file from bunch of files.

RFID gives a flexible way to keep their records anIt requires very less time to results.

Overview of RFID based

File tracking system

In RFID based system primary requirement is a dedicated server, LAN connection ,RFID scanner, RFID tag writerWhen a file is created, it is given an RFID label tag encoded with a unique EPC number. Using RFID file management software, or even a simple Excel document, the EPC number is associated with information about the file such as name, contents, etc. When you need to find a specific file, just search the file by name or number in the software and input that unique EPC number into your RFID handheld reader. The handheld will then use its Counter-like functionality to find the file.