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DSPACE Digital Library System

The business information assets in the centralized document repository is the best idea that secures your corporate assets to support the business. DSpace is the best software program that makes it simple to offer the reliable and secure system for offering scholarly and other details to users. In the current technology, every library require the scalable and modern digital platform to manage many different contents such as books, thesis, projects, articles, publications, research papers  and much more. The major responsibility of information officer or librarian is to make the information available to the consumer in most effective and simple manner.

What is DSpace?

DSpace is the open source repository software package that is typically useful for creating the open access repositories for published or scholarly digital content. It can be often useful as the institutional repository, a platform that offers access to scholarly publications, research output, library collections, and much more.

Our DSpace digital library system is the software of choice for non-profit, commercial and academic organizations that builds open digital repositories. Such platform is guided by the global community of developers, committers, stakeholders and repository managers who contribute to project governance. It is the open source software that can be distributed without any charge under BSD open source license terms and conditions.

DSpace is the out-of-the-box open source software package to create the repositories concentrated on offering digital content to the end users. It can also provide the complete set of tools for preserving and managing content around the application. It is the most effectively used repository software platform with 2,000 installations across the globe an active and continuously growing user community.

The common usage of this digital library system is by academic & research libraries as the open access institutional repository for disseminating and managing scholarly output. There is wide range of organizations using the software to manage and host media-based and subject based repositories.

Key Features of DSpace

  • Built-in workflows
  • Application Architecture
  • Unlimited File types
  • Built-in search engine
  • Tools or plugins
  • Metadata
  • Permissions
  • Security
  • OAI-PMH or SWORD (v1 and v2) or OpenAIRE or Driver
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Configurable Database
  • REST
  • Data Integrity
  • Configurable File Storage

DSpace for Open Access Digital Libraries:

DSpace Digital Library System is the industry leading and prominent platform to serve the open access digital library needs. Such solution let the librarians to completely manage all the End to End life cycle of contents starting from storage, acquisition, secured distribution of contents to other stakeholders through browser-based user interface.


We are working on the extraordinary range of DSpace projects and being DSpace Registered Service Provider completely understands that every library and institution has different set of needs to host the open access digital library.


We provide the wide range of solution on the DSpace digital library that are complemented by value added solutions and add-ons offering freedom of choosing best suited digital library solution according to the library’s budget, implementation timelines and requirements.