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RFID Based Vehicle Tracking System

RFID Based

Vehicle tracking system

Now a days due to increasing of numbers of vehicles business areas, institutions, universities, shopping malls are shrinking with spaces. Also requires constant parking monitoring for present status of the vehicles, management of the spaces in parking place, secure and real time data for the entry/exit of the vehicles.

RFID tracking is the solution for those requirements

RFID gives a flexible way to keep each and every vehicle records with full security. It also gives a real time scenario of the parking place. It also allows automatic entry-exit for the the authorized vehicles.

Overview of RFID based

Vehicle tracking system

We provides two types of RFID based vehicle tracking solution. One is Parking Management System, where each vehicle will be given a RFID card and a parking slot will be assigned to the placed car. Thus, we manage the place of the vehicle and also tracks the current status of the vehicle for security reasons. This system helps the drivers to trace the vehicle easily.

Another system is to automated entry-exit of vehicles in an Business area, Mall, Institutions, Universities. Here every authorized vehicles will be given a RFID card and a automated RFID reader with CCTV camera will be installed in entry-exit point. If any authorized vehicle comes under the radius of the RFID reader, the gate allows the vehicle to enter. Otherwise security system will alert the security personnel for unauthorized vehicle.