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RFID Based Attendance Management System

RFID Based Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Attendance plays a very crucial role whether it is any company, college, institute or school. Presence of individual in any organization illustrates good sign and improvement for any company. We offer technically dynamic, secure and technically improved solution for maintaining record of each person. Our RFID based attendance system include RFID card for every individual & RFID scanner is installed to scan the RFID card. The record of each employee is stored in database for further reference.

Attendance through RFID card and reader

In this kind of record system a RFID card is provided to every individual and RFID reader is placed at specific place. When a person places card on reader, then system scans data and stores for further processing.

Attendance via Finger printing & Face detection

Face detection and finger printing system for attendance management is considered as one of the most secured and error free method to track the daily presence record of individual. The complete attendance system consists of reader & physical presence of the person. Once the reader reads the fingerprints or faces of individuals, it records the details for future reference.

Attendance via Flap barrier system

This kind of attendance system is an extension of RFID card system. It functions like a gate door, in which a flap barrier installed in front of gate allows authenticated user to entry/exit.