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Rfid Tags


RFID tags are the tags which uses barcode in order to identify the items where they are placed, RFID is the short form of radio frequency identification

RFID tags Uses radio frequency technology

These tags are use for merchandising of various products, also used to track vehicle and even patients.


Uses Of RFID Tags

RFID tags have varied usages

  1. Inventory Management : RFID tags can be attached to products or packaging to track the location throughout the supply chain management.
  2. Access Control : RFID tags can be used to give access to employees inside the office.
  3. Asset Tracking : RFID tags can be used to track valuable assets such as vehicles, jewelry, equipment etc.
  4. Animal Tracking : These tags are even used for tracking animals which are used in research.
  5. Healthcare : RFID tags are used to track movement and availability of vital equipment and ambulances.